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用小孩去年5月學校運動會時和同學喔合照的相片來做這次的編排,參加Letsgetsletchy Feb. WEEK2的活動.


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Hannah 手作(Creative) 部落格

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  • Peggy Lin
  • 好繽紛的色彩 謝謝妳的參與 祝妳情人節快樂 ❤️⋯⋯
  • 謝謝Peggy!^^

    Hannah手作 於 2016/02/16 08:29 回覆

  • Marie Friant
  • Wonderful page!!! Love your background, photos & colors!!!! Thank you for joining us lgs !
  • Thank you!

    Hannah手作 於 2016/02/16 08:29 回覆

  • KNA 夢境實演
  • 一整個好歡的的感覺,配件跟照片都搭配得好美.Thanks for joining us lgs !
  • 謝謝Kate!^^

    Hannah手作 於 2016/02/16 08:29 回覆

  • Brenshevia Lloyd Baker
  • Beautifully done, thank you so much for joining us at LGS, we love having you there!
  • Astrid Zwaan
  • O wow, stunning page, great details, thanks for joining us at LGS!!
  • joefilsenio
  • This is awesome layout, love all the details! Thanks for joining us lgs :)
  • lovetoscrapncard
  • Love your take on the sketch. Those photos are super cute. Thanks for joining in at Let's Get Sketchy.
  • Masami Tsuji
  • Awesome take on the sketch!!! Love all the details of the page!
    Thanks for sharing it with us lgs :))
  • Thank you!

    Hannah手作 於 2016/02/26 09:17 回覆