Picture This 9月的第1個挑戰來了喔!

這次的主題為"Boys Rule"







Welcome to Hannah’ blog. Today I will show you the Picture This September 1st Challenge- “Boys Rule". 
I use my son’s photo when we visit Sun Moon Lake this summer vacation. 
There has a famous ice cream with vegetation that called “Wa La Mi”. So the title is that mean.
Welcome everyone to playing with us!

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這張作品所用的構圖為The Studio Challenge August 14th的挑戰構圖.參加這次的挑戰!


thestudiochallenges Aug 15.jpg







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  • beautiful, bright and sparkly. Love iT! Thank you for joining us at The Studio Challenges.
  • Thank you for your visit !^^

    Hannah手作 於 2016/09/14 17:13 回覆

  • Susanne
  • What a fun page - love those banners.
  • Thank you!^^

    Hannah手作 於 2016/09/14 17:12 回覆

  • Jinny Newlin
  • Eeek! Your combination of prints is too fun, and I just adore all those little banners! Thanks so much for playing along with us in The Studio!
  • Thank you Jinny!

    Hannah手作 於 2016/10/07 08:27 回覆